We are used to most of the food products we consume having increasingly detailed labels required by regulators that are very specific on their ingredients.  Food products are broken down by percentages and grams of fats (the good kind and the bad!), cholesterol, carbohydrates, protein, sodium, etc.  A detailed list of specific ingredients are also included and in descending order of volume.  There is even safety information if an item is manufactured in a facility that uses nuts in its products.  Lastly, there is an expiration date.  These reassuring labels leave us feeling safe and protected consuming those products.

What about cosmetics?  What is required on a cosmetic label and who regulates it?  Is the same level of safety there?  Did you know that it is the manufacturers' responsibility to ensure that its products are labeled properly?  How come the reassuring phrase "FDA Approved" is never seen on cosmetics?  What do some of their phrases mean? 

Be informed!  Find out more about cosmetic label requirements and their meanings at:





A video of Mark Schapiro, an investigative journalist and author of published book "Exposed" talks about the dangers of toxic substances in an everyday used products.

The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products

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