Recycling is an easy way for all of us to help the environment, and this includes cosmetic and beauty care products as well. Most cosmetic containers are made from the plastic resin polypropylene, which is found in a variety of containers, but is often not included in curbside or city recycling programs.

However, with a small bit of effort, even cosmetic containers can be recycled. Cosmetics manufacturer M.A.C. accepts their own brands for recycling and gives customers a free lipstick in return.

Skincare products manufacturer Origins (www.origins.com) goes one better – they will accept empty cosmetics containers, regardless of brand, for recycling and give you a free sample of their products in exchange.

Some containers can also be reused for things like pill containers, cases for jewelry, etc… Some containers are also refillable, which can save you money - you can even make your own do-it-yourself cosmetics and reuse your containers at the same time (see the DIY section on this site for recipes on how to make your own cosmetics!)

Another option for products that you may have tried and don't like is to give them to friends or family members. Anything is better than throwing them into the trash right away.

More information on recycling cosmetic containers can be found here:




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