Everyone knows what hairspray is. Everyone loves what they can do with their hair. But not everyone is aware of its health effects. What does hairspray have to do with one’s health? It’s just hair. It can’t probably harm you in any way. But do you know that hairspray may lead to cancer?

The main ingredients of hairspray are polymers and solvent such as vinyl chloride. Vinyl chloride is a chemical that relates to angiosarcoma of humans liver, which means that its toxic will attack your liver first. Even though it’s replaced now due to the law, the chemicals contained in hairspray are not friendly to the body. Common chemicals such as alcohol and artificial fragrance can possibly cause breathing problems, infection of skin, eyes, and lungs, low blood pressure, or even coma.  Plus, hairspray is flammable which can burn one’s skin or cause skin infection.

Hairspray is a dangerous beauty product, not only to one’s health but also to the environment. The chemical compounds found in hairspray harm the ozone by contributing to global warming. Our environment has already been polluted enough. If we don’t act now and preserve it, we won’t stand a chance against self-destruction any time soon.

Let’s put away your hairspray and enjoy the natural beauty of your hair!

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    August 2012