Everyone hates the thickness of glasses. Everyone loves the invisible of contact lenses. Contact lenses are becoming popular because of obvious reasons we all love: being invisible, enhancing the color of the iris, making the eye brighter or larger, and changing the eye’s color. They have dozens of colors that would match your needs and comfort.

However, we usually go for the loveliness of fashion that we forget about the risks contact lenses contain.

·         Dry eyes
·         Allergic reactions
·         Eyelid inflammation
·         Problems with cornea, swelling, hazy vision, corneal scratches, and changing in cornea’s shape
·         Eye infection
·         Possibility of blindness

These risks occur due to the underestimation of how damageable cosmetic contact lenses are to the eye. A lot of people nowadays buy contact lenses without an eye test simply because contact lenses have become a fashion. With so many colors available, the lenses provide opportunities to change one eye’s natural color. They stand as an accessory which people, mostly women, find as casually as sunglasses.

Plus, these lenses can easily be bought online without any secure test. Manufacturers of quality products require testimonies to insure that the colored part of the lenses is cushioned so they won’t put pressure on the eye. By buying online, consumers take off the chance to guarantee they’re getting qualified lenses. Poor-quality lenses cause scratches and holes in the cornea that can lead to blindness.

What most people don’t understand is that cosmetic contact lenses are not just a normal pair of glasses one simply put on one’s eyes. It’s not easy as taking them out whenever your eyes are tired or uncomfortable. The chemicals contained within contact lenses greatly increase the risk of infections which can deprive the eye of oxygen. You can enjoy moments of coolness, but the causes afterward worth heavily more than those short self-satisfaction.

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