During the past decades, cosmetic surgery has risen so fast that it’s become as part of our daily life. We all know of the risks and damages cosmetic surgery can cause, but most of us choose to either ignore it or accept it as long as it “fixes” our flaws.Check the list if you have heard of these dangers involved in a cosmetic surgery:

·         Bleeding

·         Infections

·         Scarring

·         Nerve Damage

·         Seromas

·         Necrosis

·         ………….

Despite these facts, there’ll always be someone finding the needles attractive. The main problem is the worst damage cosmetic surgery has ever caused is changing one’s value.

How many people went through plastic surgery and find themselves more confident? How many people asked for the help of surgery solely because of labels such as “beauty” and “ugly”? How many people have changed because they are now prettier and cooler? How many people understand that the inner personality is the only one that matters? No matter how many times one goes through cosmetic surgery, it could merely change one’s appearance, not his values.

It is not wrong to seek for self improvement. Plastic surgery itself is a good solution for several problems, such as birthmarks, accident scars, etc. Yet, a human’s value can never be made inside an operation room nor can it be determined by those senseless needles. Cosmetic surgery is no more than just the beauty of an ugly devil.

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