More often than not, we all want what we can’t have. When it comes to hair types and styles, women will pay a lot of money for a different look. Women with straight hair get perms to have ringlets, and women with curly hair pay for relaxers and flat irons to heat their curls flat. In addition to relaxers, a new revolution has come about called the Brazilian Blowout. The purpose of a Blowout is to give women with curly, frizzy, or unmanageable hair a straight and tamed hairstyle that lasts up to six months. This sounds like a dream come true to those who spend hours a day taming their big hair, but at what cost? The Chemical and Engineering Journal has done studies that reveal what is really in the Brazilian Blowout treatment. They found that Brazilian Blowout contains levels of up to 12% formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen when inhaled, however the Brazilian Blowout company denies this claim. Despite the harmful chemicals used to break the protein bonds in hair to temporarily change its nature, women "just don't care." 

In addition to these chemicals being directly applied and diffused into the hair, the toxins get into the air and people surrounding the area in which the treatment is being given are set up to inhale the chemicals from the treatment. The procedures that women are willing to undergo just for a different look are more dangerous today than they were twenty years ago. People must realize the potential harms they face and cause others to be exposed to as well and assess the true worth of the treatment. There are other alternatives to decreasing frizz which are less harmful to the environment such as different hair products, flat irons, and hair dryers.

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    August 2012