We are told that sunscreen is the best protection for your skin against the damage of UV rays of the sun, which cause possibility of skin cancer. In fact, this is merely the sweetness of an ugly devil deep within. We’re just informed of the beauty of what sunscreen can give us, but never were we informed of its damage upfront. How many people know that sunscreen’s ingredients are very harmful to one’s body? How many people refuse to believe it simply because the risk hasn’t found its way to them yet? Do you know that some chemical within the sunscreen can seriously damage cells and destroy the whole immune system?

Some ingredients contained in sunscreen can act as a radical component. It affects mostly the hormone in our body, and the most important one is estrogen. Estrogen is the main hormone in females. Damage to estrogen can cause polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, and possibly cancer. Males, too, suffer the same risks as females even though estrogen is no dominant in males. The risks include declining of sperm count, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.

Fairly speaking, vitamin D is a necessary nutrient to prevent us from cancer. The UV rays can cause skin cancer if it gets too strong and our ozone continues to break. However, the sun still remains the best source of light that we can get, and its risk is less than cosmetic chemicals. It’d take a life time for the sun’s rays to damage our body while it takes days and months for radical components within the sunscreen to take advantage of our fragile cells.

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    August 2012